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Parker Imogene More innocent times

Parker Imogene More innocent times

This is the story of two pairs of sisters - Gemma and Daisy, their mother Estella and her sister Shirley. It tells of love and jealousy, and follows a family mystery back to its origins in the 1950s - to more innocent times.

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Gemma is ready for a change of scene. Her self-imposed exile in America worked for a while, but now she is returning to England for a fresh start. A new job, new house, new life beckons; but there are old problems, too, the same painful, raw problems she ran away from ten years ago. Daisy stole Oliver from her. Her beloved sister just walked off with the love of her life. They never talked about it. They haven't talked about anything since.

  • Condition/ Stan bardzo dobry
  • Format 11x18cm
  • Number of pages/Liczba stron 412
  • Publication date/ Data wydania 1997
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